Twitter Stole Your Diary

Posted by Eric Stein - December 19, 2010 CE @ 05:17:11 UTC
If you're an avid user of Twitter, like me, you may have noticed that you don't write a journal anymore. Twitter has replaced your diary; you may find yourself viewing your life through the lens of twitter. There: now if you're going to disagree with me really loudly, you've probably gotten it out of the way already.


There's a problem with this, a problem you may not realize. Unless you're Tucker Max, you may actually have moments and thoughts that you don't want to shout to the world, or even your friends. The problem isn't privacy, though. The problem is that once you start using Twitter to chronicle your life, you might just not write about private things. Your journal isn't a confessor and a moment of reflection anymore; you've forgotten you used to write in it.


You don't use Twitter, you say? This really applies to any social networking platform. If it still doesn't apply, this post isn't about you. This post is about the people who forgot their journal.


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