Ramirez, Ping my Cellphone!

Posted by Eric Stein - July 27, 2010 CE @ 17:06:20 UTC
So, here's the idea: something that's sort of munin, sort of nagios, and doesn't monitor computers. Instead, Ramirez monitors you. He'll sit in your UNIX machine, doing his damndest to figure out what you're doing and when.

The eventual goal is to be able to take various state feeds (is your phone on the LAN, is the shower on, is the toilet being flushed, is the fridge open, tempearture outside, temperature inside, when did you last tweet, is the A/C on, is the apartment door open) and infer things about you. Having a direct mobile interface is important as well.

Potential Ramirez applications:
The list goes on. So far I've got 1 svn repository, 1 sensor, 2 commits, and 9000 ideas...
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#5215 - Eric Stein, September 7, 2010 CE @ 02:25:51 UTC
I've started work on the data persisting layer. It's not yet integrated into the sensor layer, but I can't wait to start writing triggers and scripts for this once I've got it daemonized and tracking a few simple sensors.
1-Wire sensors
#5239 - Bill Mania, April 21, 2011 CE @ 20:12:17 UTC
I'm using 1-Wire sensors to measure many temperatures. I also have a LabJack U12, Phidget 8/8/8 and Phidget 0/0/4, all of which cry out for this sort of application.
Lastly, I have a Lynxmotion SSC-32 and a few servos, to fill in the actuator side of the equation. Seems like there's good opportunity for collaboration here.

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